Ball Evader

Ball Buster is back with a new name and tons of new features! Enhanced 3D graphics and particle effects, even better physics simulation, new Power-Ups, global High Scores with Game Center, and best of all Ball Evader is now compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! The iPad's big screen is perfect for this game!


Ball Evader is a fairly simple but extremely addicting game. The main objective is to keep the Blue Ball away from the Red Balls. ***TAP WITH 3 FINGERS TO PAUSE*** If you get the Green Balls you can get 1 of 5 Power-Ups



-You cannot die


-The Red Balls slow down


-You increase in size


-You decrease in size


-You can shoot and destroy the Red Balls. While controlling the Blue Ball with one finger use another finger to aim and release it to shoot.